Chicken Korma – my twist to the traditional दक्खनी (Deccan) Korma

Ironically, I’m choosing to post a non-PP recipe as my first post. We had a couple of visitors for lunch last Sunday. I wanted to cook something non-spicy yet delicious… 

Hence chose this recipe!




 Chicken (On the bone) – 1 kg 

Dahi – 200 gm (hang the curd in a muslin cloth and remove excess water – The consistency should be stiff but not as dry as श्रीखंड चक्का) 

Fresh Cream – 100 ml (You could choose to skip this) 

Tomatoes – 3 nos large – pureed

Onions  – 3 nos large – slice and deep-fry to golden brown crisps, crush with palms to a coarse powder consistency 

Cashewnuts – 1 वाटी (soak in warm water and grind to paste) 

Ginger Garlic Paste – ½ वाटी
Pinch of saffron (dry roast, crush and soak in the juice of 1 lime) 

Red Chilli Powder (Kashmiri), 

Turmeric Powder, 

Garam Masala Powder (Sambar will do) – a tsp each
Khada Garam Masala – peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, green cardamom 

Oil – 4 tbsp 

 Masala Paste 

1 large onion – slice and sauté in very little oil till brown 

Khas Khas – 2 tbsp (dry roast) 

Coriander Seeds – 2 tbsp (dry roast) 

Whole Red Chillies – 7-8 nos (dry roast – I used Bedgi as I didn’t want it too hot)

 Grated Coconut – 2 tbsp (dry coconut is traditionally used in most Hyderabadi Kormas which is what influenced this dish… but fresh grated coconut works just fine – roast in very little oil till nutty n toasted) 

Grind these to a smooth paste

image image



Season and marinate the chicken in lemon juice and saffron

 Heat the oil in a pan, add the khada garam masala and temper. 

Add the masala paste and fry till the oil separates (roughly 5-6 min)


image image

Add dry masala (turmeric, kashmiri chilli powder and garam masala) and mix it in. 

Add tomato puree and again saute till oil separates (another 5-6 min) 

Add the marinated chicken and saute till coated in masala.

Mix in the hung curd and cashew paste.

Simmer till the chicken is cooked through (You may need to add some water to adjust the gravy thickness) 

Add the fresh cream and check for seasoning.
Garnish with the crushed fried onion and chopped coriander.

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