Prawnickles of Velkar

Bio: I'm a self confessed foodie with a passion for cooking. My wife and I look forward to our culinary expedition every weekend. I was born into an ingenious Maharashtrian Pathare Prabhu family. As a community we have a very unique culinary tradition and a suprisingly well-preserved and well-documented cuisine. My cooking predictably is very strongly influenced by my PP roots.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for writing back. I will be in Navi Mumbai but coming to vile-parle and andheri so this would be ideal location for me. Also, thanks for the no. I will save it.

  2. Hi Mr. Velkar, I am from USA and coming to India. Can you pls tell me where can I get the path are prahu masala like methkut, parbhi sambhar etc in Mumbai and or in Pune as this is where I will be traveling. I remember having these at my friends place and would like to cook myself too. Also can you share the methkut bombil and mutton goda recipe either on your blog or pls email me

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