Konfal Pattice

Konfal aka purple yam is a tuber popular among the #pathareprabhu clan as fasting food… 

The texture is quite unlike a potato or sweet potato and the flavour’s pretty unique too.

 I usually pressure cook the whole yam – cut into chunks and devour them with salt and fresh coconut chutney – this is my favourite fasting food and occasional breakfast… 

This particular recipe I’m posting here doesn’t qualify for upvaas ( it has peas and coriander)… But it’s a family favourite nevertheless.

The added advantage of using this yam to cover a stuffing for pattice – you can’t go wrong!! The starch content is so high – they’ll never disintegrate unlike say a potato…

These make a wonderful crisp on the outside – delicious on the inside snack… 

1/2 kg purple yam or कोनफळ 
2 medium potatoes
2 slices of bread
1 green chilli 
1 tsp jeera

For the filling 
1 cup shelled green peas
2 medium sized chopped onions 
1 cup chopped coriander 
1 cup grated fresh coconut 

Salt and sugar to season and oil for frying


Pressure cook the yam and potatoes (1 whistle and 10-12 minutes), peel and grate, add salt and a chopped chilli.

Soak the bread slices in water for a minute and squeeze dry. Crumble and mix into the mashed potato yam mix. Add a tsp of jeera.

Knead for a minute and add a few drops of oil. Divide into 20 equal balls and set aside.

Heat a tsp of oil in a nonstick pan, add a pinch of hing and 1/2 tsp jeera… Add chopped onion and once translucent, add boiled peas, grated coconut and chopped coriander. Season, Mix well and roughly mash together.

Stuff each mash ball with a portion of stuffing and deep fry / pan fry till golden brown.

Serve hot with some green chutney or ketchup


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