Churma Laddoo – pakvan for Shravan Monday

Shravan Mondays are those rare days when the Pathare Prabhu clan fasts through the day and the fast is broken at dusk with a ceremonial meal.

One of the key components (among others) of the PP shravan Monday menu is 1 sweet pakvan, i.e. – a dish cooked in ghee (savoury pakvans may be made in oil).

Many PP homes make it a point to make these laddoos on at least of the 4-5 Monday meals every Shravan.

Churma is very popular in Rajasthan. This one is probably one a recipe, my Parbhu ancestors picked up when they migrated from Rajasthan and North Gujarat to Mumbai.

The recipe involves a fairly simple technique, but is slightly time consuming. And these are totally fail proof unlike the ordinary rawa laddoo.

Knead 3 cups of rawa, with a generous pinch of saffron in a few tbsp of warm milk (the objective of the milk is merely to bind the semolina together). Knead this to a stiff dough.

Divide the dough into 12 equal portions and deep fry these in hot ghee to a golden brown colour.

While the fried dough is still hot, break this into bits ans when cooled slightly, blend to a coarse powder in a mixie. Strain the crumbs through a sieve and measure the residual crumb.

To this, add powdered cardamom and nutmeg, fried raisins and chopped toasted nuts (almonds, pistachio and cashew)

Measure out powdered sugar, equalling 3/4th of the crumb volume (3 cups of sugar to 4 cups of crumb. I’ve used ‘bhura shakkar’ which is an amorphous castor sugar like Indian variant, available at most grocers. This sugar yields very good results in making laddoos.

Mix the crumbs and sugar while still a little warm and add a little ghee to bind the crumb.

Mould this into laddoos and if the mix is too dry, add a few drops of milk to bind together (not too much as it compromises the shelf life of the laddoo). Rest the laddoos for one hour or so and serve.

These are so irresistible, you’ll find yourself unable to stop with having just one! 😜

Ingredient list

3 cups fine semolina

4 tbsp milk (for dough) and few drops to bind

Saffron – ½ tsp

Raisins – 20 gms

Assorted nuts – 20 gms

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Nutmeg – a generous pinch

Ghee – 200 gms (deep frying as well as 4-5 tbsp for binding)

One thought on “Churma Laddoo – pakvan for Shravan Monday

  1. Thanks for sharing. We prepare churma ladoo for Ganesh festival. We make puris of the kneaded dough. Deep fry in Ghee and rest same.

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